ROMP 2016 Street Team

Thank you for your interest in promoting ROMP 2016. We are looking for excited and imaginative approaches to our grassroots promotions, and we need folks from all over the US! Please note that the deadline for applying for a ROMP 2016 Street Team position is March 16th.

Upon completion of their duties, street team members will receive one 4-day festival pass (includes camping). 

 The ROMP Street Team plays a vital role in the promotion of the festival. Members participate by passing out informational flyers, hanging posters, and utilizing the internet to share the love of ROMP festival.


·       Poster placements must be documented with a picture.

·       Keep record of places you passed out promotional material.

·       Utilization of internet sites, social media, etc. to promote the festival

·       Complete one volunteer shift at the festival*

Street Team members selected will be notified no late than April 1st by email. Further instructions to follow.

If you think Street Teaming is for you then please fill out Street Team form, letting us know who you are.

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