5th year's a charm

by Jamie Hill

One day back in 2011, while getting lost somewhere in the depths of Facebook, I came across something pertaining to ROMP. At the time I had never even heard of ROMP! Whaaaaaa??!?! I know, it seems inconceivable! How had I gone so long without knowing about this festival?!? Especially with it being just about an hour from home! I had to check it out right away. After a little digging I knew I wanted to to be a part of this festival! The line up was amazing, and it was right at home.

I found out I still had time to join the street team, and so I did! I wanted to spread the word about this festival. My thinking was, if someone like me who lives so close to Owensboro had never heard of ROMP before, then there had to be others out there who were missing out too! So I started talking about ROMP to my family(there's a lot of those guys), and all of my friends, and when I got my street team packet in the mail I got to work! When it came time to attend ROMP, the only person I had managed to convince to go with me was my twin sister, who at the time was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but we loaded down “The Beast”(my 1991 Safari van I had at the time), and headed to Owensboro! Little did we know this festival would change our lives!

We fell in love with ROMP in 2011! We loved the music, the jam sessions, the after parties, camping in the wonderful Yellow Creek Park, but most of all we loved how everyone treated you like family. We left Yellow Creek Park wanting more! We got back home, and ROMP was all we talked about. By the next year we had several friends and family members talking about ROMP, and wanting to attend with us! In 2012 we went to ROMP with more friends and family, but we left with more than that! That year we met wonderful people, who I now call my ROMP family! 2012 is by far the most memorable year at ROMP for me because of all the wonderful people who came into my life, and each year our family grows!

Now it's 2015, and I'm ready for my 5th year at ROMP and my 4th year with my amazing ROMP family! I'm ready to share this amazing life changing experience with others! I'm ready to see some of my favorite musicians, new and old, and to learn more about the Bluegrass world! ROMP has become just like a family tradition to me. It's the place I want to be every year! ROMP will forever be apart of me, and I'll be telling folks about it for as long as I can.

I hope I am a part of many more ROMPs to come! :)

Posted on January 29, 2015 .