My ROMP Experience

Written by Chris Langdon, Promotions Director

From the time I arrive at the park on Tuesday morning until I leave on Sunday night, the festival provides equal levels of stress and joy; but it is the energy from all of our attendees that keeps me going. It's like every pat on the back, high five, or hug in a B-12 shot. I feel constantly energized by the love from our friends. 

My main duty during the festival is volunteer coordination. I am very lucky to have an amazing team of volunteers, many of whom return year after year. They are dedicated, easy going, and really take pride in being a part of our festival. This allows me the ability to handle other situations as they arise and know that all bases are being covered. 

I am able to be a part of so much while the festival is going on. The coolest of these being introducing bands. This year I was able to be on stage with many musicians I have come to know as very good friends. The 23 String Band, for example, have been a part of ROMP for several years, and while I really enjoyed getting to introduce them, watching the crowd swell to capacity in front of the stage as I did, was even cooler.

Even with all of this, my favorite thing about ROMP is the time I get to spend with a very special young lady. Elysia is like a daughter to me and has been my right hand at ROMP for the past several years. She keeps me in check, makes sure I am in the right place, and that I have everything I need. She knows the park, can coordinate parking well and can keep the situation light and happy in the face of stressful situations. Seeing her dedication to the event makes all of my hard work worth it.

ROMP is more than a festival to me; it represents everything that is amazing about bluegrass. Music, dancing, family, friends, love and happiness. At the end of the week I am always equally exhausted and ready to do it all over again. Harvey MacKay said, "Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life." 

I found ROMP and haven't worked a day since. 


Posted on January 15, 2015 .