Camping is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We highly suggest you get to ROMP as soon as you can. Tent Camping is a flat rate fee of $25 per person.  RV Camping is $125 per RV.  

Upon arrival, let us know in which area you wish to camp (listed below). You must have a camping wristband to camp. Wristbands will be checked throughout the festival; be sure to wear the right one for that day. Reminder signs will be posted throughout the park. If you only purchased a single day ticket and wish to stay additional days, just go to the gate to buy the proper wristband. 

One-Day and Two-Day campers will have a specific area in which to camp. You must be out by 11AM the following morning.

If camping in an RV, everyone in your RV must have both ROMP and camping wristbands.  There are no electrical or water hookups available.  You may bring a generator as long as it's quiet.

Yellow Creek Park will be open for RV campers starting Wednesday June 26th at 8 a.m. central time, and tent campers at 10 a.m. Do not arrive before Wednesday at 8a.m. If you are found camping in the park before then, you’ll be asked to leave and return on the 26th.

Some campsites require that you park and hike into the area. If you have to park and hike your camping gear into the camping area, it should only be a 2-5 minute walk.

Go to the camping section at the Main Gate when you first arrive so we can give you info on what to do in case of an emergency.

If you are a 4-day camper, pick your parking spot and stay there. Please keep trips in and out of the park to a minimum. Use the Shuttle for going in and out of the park, if possible.



Family Friendly: For families with children; no late night parties 
Bring the kids and have a fun-filled family festival experience! Family Friendly camping includes quiet hours from 10 p.m.-7 a.m.

Late Night: The 'Wrong Side of the Creek'; very close access to the After Party stage 
Feel the need to stay up all night and enjoy live music until sunrise? This is the place for you!

General #1: For those in the middle; easy access to stage and vendors
Camp within a close walking distance to the main stage and the food and craft vendors. Good place for those to camp who don't want to be in a Family Friendly quiet zone, and don't want to stay up all night in the Late Night camping area.

Woods: For those in the middle; easy access to stage
Camp within a close walking distance to the main stage. Good place for those to camp who don't want to be in a Family Friendly quiet zone, and don't want to stay up all night in the Late Night camping area.

1 Day Only:
A Wednesday Only, Thursday Only, Friday Only, or Saturday Only night camping is valid for that night only, and must be vacated by 11AM the following morning.


Dancin' Dave's Festival Camping

Have you ever heard of "Glamping"?  Glamour camping...nothing like having your comforts of home setup and ready for your arrival to ROMP. We're proud to announce that Dancin' Dave's Festival Camping will be joining us for the second time. Flying to ROMP and want to camp? Dancin' Dave's has got you covered.


Dancin' Dave's offers first-class camping accommodations. Whether you're traveling from the opposite coast, across the pond, or just across town, you can have a full festival experience without the hassle of having to pack everything needed for a comfortable stay. We do all the work, including arriving early to secure a premium location just for our guests. Why pack camping supplies when you need that room for your banjo and cooler? Just show up, stay for the party and leave the tear-down to us. Camping has never been so easy!

We will be providing 4 nights of cushy camping accommodations for this epic event! Our village has a limited capacity, so get in while the gettin's good! 

•  1 Person Tent - $125
•  2 Person Tent - $155
•  3-4 Person Tent - $205


You can also add the following amenities (you must rent a tent to rent any of the following items):

Solar Shower - $45
Gazebo with Table - $95
Gazebo with Kitchen - $135

*Packages DO NOT include admission to the festivals. Prices are for the entire weekend, Wednesday through Sunday.

**All tents come with cots and/or sleeping pads, free of charge. Sleeping bags and pillows may be added for an additional fee of $15 per person.  

For more information or to make your reservation, visit: