The Bumper Jacksons

The Bumper Jacksons are on a roll. Folding sounds of jazz, early blues, old-time music, and country swing into an exhilarating repertoire of modern American roots music, the DC-based band has brought a hard-driving party energy to countless dance floors.

The band, consists of Jess Eliot Myhre (clarinet, vocals, washboard), Chris Ousley (guitar, vocals) Alex Lacquement (upright bass) Dave Hadley (pedal steel) Brian Priebe (trombone) Dan Cohan (suitcase percussion). The Bumper Jacksons’ musically eclectic approach sharpens the edge of traditional tunes. With so many influences from across the spectrum of American roots music, the Bumper Jacksons’ new album, Too Big World, is a virtuosic juggling act, pulled off by performers at the top of their game. As they continue to evolve and explore the frontiers and histories of the nation’s dance music traditions, they are poised to bring their music—rich, raw, and true—to the rest of America.